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2014 The Ladykillers (BBC2)
All 4 science VTs

2014 Springwatch (BBC2)

2013 Great British Garden Revival (BBC2)
19 "call to action" VTs

2010 to 2012 North America (Discovery)
12 blue chip wildlife sequences and pick-up shoots


peregrine falcons attacking pelicans on
Californian coastline (three weeks on location)

manakin courtship displays in Costa Rica (two weeks)

black bears and coyotes hunting in
Appalachian mountains (two weeks)

calliope hummingbirds courting and fighting in
Grand Tetons, Wyoming (ten days)

capelin spawning in Newfoundland (two weeks)

humpback whales hunting in Newfoundland (two weeks)

salmon spawning in British Columbia (ten days)

harlequin ducks travelling through rapids in Alberta (ten days)

Cineflex aerials of glaciers in Kluane, Yukon (four days)

Moray eel pick-up shoot (two days)
extreme weather reconstruction (one day - assistant to director)

2009 London Music Masters promotional video (online) (two days)

2008 Los llanos - conflict on the plains (Wildscreen entry) (two weeks)